We are the best Cosmetics distributors of

Rosa Graf products in Quebec!

 Îl de Beauté  is a cosmetics distributor of Rosa Graf products headquartered in Montréal 

that specializes in shipping and delivering the very best beauty and cosmetics products

for professionals and for store resell all over Quebec. In addition to offering top-notch

cosmetic specialties,  Île de Beauté also offers the salons, promotional products

and cosmetic accessories. We cater to both women AND men, offering a wide

array of products and constantly increasing our stock.

Here at Île de Beauté, our goal is to give you, our customer, the most efficient

and cost-effective way to access primo cosmetic products, allowing you to look

your best whenever you’d like.


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Bringing out the best in natural beauty has been our aim for many years now.

No cosmetics can restore lost youth but, if they are used correctly and professionally,

they can help any woman to look considerably better. This was the conviction of Rosa Graf

who in the 1920's was already running one of Germany's first institutes of cosmetics

and on whose convictions our company still continues to build.

And it is this principle that has always guided our work to this very day.

We devote particularly well qualified to achieve the best results with cosmetics.

Therefore we at Île de Beauté we offer new methods of treatment and ever more effective

products for her to pass on to her customers.



Rosa Graf Île De Beauté



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A Team  that will lead you in proper product selection and professional guidance and follow-up with your current order.


Igor Borzunov
Brand Manager & Sales

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Marina Shupilova
Sales & Public Relations

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